About Us

Since SMILE first met 21 years ago we have provided a variety of events annually to bring the community together and developed the community playing fields. However the main focus of our activity has been to raise funds to build a Village Hall with toilets and shower facilities for our football team.

SMILE aims to construct a building with a gross floor area of 223m2. This will include a large multi-purpose meeting room which will seat 100 people, a kitchen, an internal and external store room, toilets and two changing rooms with showers for sporting activities on the playing field.

We are committed to keeping Stoney Middleton’s friendly community spirit alive and to do that we believe we require a “village home”. Therefore we don’t consider this building to be just another venue for hire, we see it as a catalyst to improve life in the village. SMILE will be using the village hall pro-actively by putting on functions and events aimed at bringing people together.

We are a registered Charity 1087095.



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